Interested in a New Career?

Auto Technicians Are In Demand People rely on their cars, and they need to ensure their vehicles remain in great shape. That is why becoming an auto mechanic is so important and lucrative. The demand for cars has not decreased; therefore, there has not been a better time to enter the field. Our ASE-certified technicians

Spark Plug Replacement

How Will I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Spark Plugs? Spark plugs are the tiny titans of the engine. Although they’re not very big, they create the sparks that ignite the fuel-air mixture in your engine’s cylinders. This creates the tiny explosions that provide power to operate your car. Imagine the stress these

Top Warning Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

One of the most essential aspects of auto maintenance and repair is wheel alignment. Not only do your wheels help your car drive smoother and more efficiently, but they are also one of the most critical components in keeping you and your passengers safe. However, maintaining proper alignment is one of the most overlooked repairs

Everything You Need to Know About the Emissions Test

What to Expect, When to Get It, & More No driver wants to deal with emissions testing. Unfortunately, it is a reality that California residents have to face in order to follow the law, operate their vehicles and help protect the environment. To make the process feel a little less intimidating for you, Harry’s Auto

What Is a Tune-Up?

A Tune-Up Should Be On Everyone’s Minds Before A Long Roadtrip Have you ever stopped to think about how remarkable your vehicle is? Consider how quickly it gets you from one point to another and how well it responds to your manipulations of the steering wheel. As amazing as automotive technology is, it’s unfortunately not

Wheel Alignment Basics

Everything You Need to Know What happens to your car during a wheel alignment? Here’s everything the technicians at Harry’s Auto Repair in Pleasanton, California do during this important maintenance service. What is Wheel Alignment? Wheel alignment refers to the standard geometry and configuration of the wheels, determined by the vehicle manufacturers. The wheels and