Smog Check in St. Pleasanton, CA

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Smog Check in St. Pleasanton, CA

How Often Do You Need a Smog Check?

California Smog Check Requirements

The state of California believes in taking steps to preserve the environment. To that end, there are many standards regarding emissions from passenger and commercial vehicles you need to be aware of. These standards apply to any vehicle made since 1976 and powered by a variety of fuels, including gasoline and propane. When any such vehicle sells in California, a smog check is required. There are some exceptions, including any vehicle that’s newer than 4 model years.

How Often Must You Get a Smog Check?

If you’re bringing a vehicle into California from another state for registration, no matter what model year that vehicle is, you’ll need to have a smog check performed. After your vehicle is registered in California, it will need a smog check every other year as part of the registration renewal process unless your vehicle is 8 model years old or newer. If your vehicle is older than the 1976 model year, it does not need a biennial smog check for registration renewal. When you take your vehicle to a certified smog check location like Harry’s Auto Repair in St. Pleasanton, CA, you’ll need to bring the registration renewal notice you received from the state with you to ensure the correct service is performed and reported to the state. The technicians at Harry’s Auto Repair will perform the check and submit the results to the state, pass or fail.

Preparing for a Smog Check at Harry’s Auto Repair

Before you take your vehicle to a certified smog check location, you’ll want to have it inspected by a certified technician to ensure there are no impediments to your vehicle passing the smog check on the first try. This is especially true if your check engine or brake warning light is illuminated on your dashboard. Both of those warning lights will trigger a failed smog check, and you’ll have to get the vehicle reinspected once you’ve repaired whatever triggered the warning lights. The team at Harry’s Auto Repair is here to help you with these issues. A full brake inspection and engine diagnostic can help head off bigger problems than a failed smog check and save you time and money in the long run. Why not give the team a call today to schedule an appointment for pre-smog check inspections or the smog check itself? They’ll be happy to help.

Written by Harry's Auto Repair