Top Warning Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

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Top Warning Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

One of the most essential aspects of auto maintenance and repair is wheel alignment. Not only do your wheels help your car drive smoother and more efficiently, but they are also one of the most critical components in keeping you and your passengers safe. However, maintaining proper alignment is one of the most overlooked repairs for most automobile owners simply due to not being aware of the problem.

If you think your car needs a wheel alignment, come visit us at Harry’s Auto Repair in Pleasanton, California, today. One of our certified mechanics will conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with a detailed estimate of how we can service your vehicle.

Let’s take a look at the three of the most common and noticeable signs that your car needs a wheel alignment.

Off-Center Steering Wheel

One of the most common signs of needing a wheel alignment is having an off-center steering wheel. While driving on a smooth road, your steering wheel should be perfectly straight. Although there is a small amount of discrepancy allowed depending on road conditions, your steering wheel should be straight, centered, and level at all times.

Vehicle Pulls To One Side Or The Other

Another common sign of misalignment is when you notice your vehicle pulling to one side of the road. While it’s challenging for a car to drive perfectly straight given most road conditions, for the most part, your vehicle should drive straight ahead with minimal effort. If your vehicle is noticeably pulling to one side of the road, your alignment could be the cause.

Abnormal Tire Wear

Tire wear can provide you with a lot of information regarding the overall condition of your car. Abnormal tire wear patterns, feathering, or scalloping can indicate several issues with any vehicle. If you notice any unusual tire wear, your wheels could be overdue for an alignment.

We’re Here To Help

Improper wheel alignment can create a world of problems for any vehicle. If you suspect any issues with your alignment, have your car inspected right away by a professional. If you’re currently experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, come see us at Harry’s Auto Repair today. We’re conveniently located in Pleasanton, California, for all of your wheel alignment and auto repair needs.

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