Tune-Ups in Pleasanton, CA

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Looking for a qualified team to perform your vehicle’s complete engine tune-up? Your search is over! The ASE Certified technicians at Harry’s Auto Repair are your trusted team for the job.


Fuel System

Every engine tune-up starts with a thorough inspection to identify problem areas. First, we get to know your vehicle’s engine fuel-system, the one that filters fuel before it is injected into the engine. Filters frequently clog up with deposits and grime, so if that is the case for your vehicle, we’ll make replacements. We also check the fuel pump and injectors to make sure they are clean, too.

Spark Plugs

When we say engine tune-up, spark plugs are typically the first thing that pop into people’s mind. That’s because they are an important component in the engine’s proper function and they commonly wear out over time. We visually inspect your vehicle’s spark plugs to make sure they are performing optimally.

Other Components

In addition to these major inspection points, an engine tune-up at Harry’s Auto Repair will also check and replace the following parts as needed:
Replace Vehicle’s Points and Condenser
Adjust Ignition Timing & Idle
Check & Replace PCV Valve
Check Engine & Cabin Air Filter
Check Oil & Coolant Levels


An engine tune-up at Harry’s Auto Repair in Pleasanton, CA can help your car continue to run as the manufacturer intended. Regular service to replace worn out parts and inspect the condition of the controls can bring the engine back to factory specifications and back to its peak performance. It’s never a bad idea to get a qualified technicians under the hood to take a look at the condition and quality of engine parts. Let the experts at Harry’s Auto Repair keep your engine running smoothly with regular tune-up appointments!

Book Your Tune-Up Today!

Even if your vehicle does not have engine trouble now, an engine tune-up could help prevent problems from ever popping up. Harry’s Auto Repair has a team of qualified technicians to get under the hood of your car, truck or SUV for visual inspection and tune-ups. We’ll make replacements only as necessary and guarantee the quality and honesty of our work. Our customers leave the shop completely satisfied and with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on their repairs. Let our free shuttle service drop you off or pick you up! We’ll keep you updated on the status of your vehicle with text, video and picture messages. Stay in the loop on your car’s health with clear communication from our technicians. Call 925-462-3237 today or simply stop by 183 Wyoming Street in Pleasanton, CA. We welcome walk-in customers!