Transmission Repair in Pleasanton, CA

How to Tell When You Need Transmission Service

The best way to prevent serious breakdowns or transmission problems is with regular preventative maintenance. You can watch out for a few easy signals from your vehicle to determine when problems are looming. Here are some signs that you need transmission service!

Warning Light

Vehicles are designed to communicate with their drivers to alert them when an issue arises. Your vehicle’s dashboard is the place to look out for a warning light or message indicating trouble under the hood. Sensors in the car notice changes that might lead to transmission failure earlier than you could, so they send you the message through an illuminated light on the dash to notify you. No matter what warning light you see, you should head to Harry’s Auto Repair for help. We use accurate diagnostic tools to quickly identify the exact problem.

Delayed Movement

Your vehicle’s transmission should smoothly, quickly and effortlessly shift gears without a hitch. If you notice that gear changes are jerky or even slip entirely, then you’ll want to head to Harry’s Auto Repair for transmission service. This can happen to manual or automatic transmissions, but you will notice the problem most when shifting from “park” to “drive” in an automatic vehicle. Regardless of what kind of vehicle you drive, we can help it stay healthy and functional on the road. The ASE Certified technicians at Harry’s Auto Repair have the skills and tools to perform your transmission service.

Fluid Color & Leaks

Another simple way to tell when your vehicle’s transmission is having trouble is to check the fluid. If you notice puddles of transmission fluid under your car on the ground, you don’t need to look too much closer. Red or brownish fluid on the ground is an immediate signal of a troublesome leak that requires professional attention at Harry’s Auto Repair. Don’t delay, visit the shop to get ahead of potentially serious repairs!

Visit the Experts!

Book your transmission repair today with Pleasanton’s experts. Our preventative maintenance services for your vehicle’s automatic or manual transmission help you avoid costly and stressful breakdowns entirely. Just watch out for warning signs that tell you it’s time to visit the professionals at Harry’s Auto Repair! We guarantee our work with 24-month/24,000-mile warranty so you can trust that every repair is done right. Don’t let your vehicle’s repairs stand in the way of your day! Our complimentary shuttle service is at your disposal and ready to take you anywhere in the area. But we promise we won’t take long. Depending on our daily service schedule, we do our best to provide same-day service and prompt turnaround for all our customers. Call 925-462-3237 to make your transmission repair appointment now! We look forward to serving you!