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Factory Scheduled Service Intervals

Most vehicles have a blueprint for a long road-life and optimal performance. Lack of service attention is the most common cause of repair needs and vehicle breakdown. Consistent maintenance is something that all drivers realize that they need. However, they don’t all adhere to an appropriate schedule. Some drivers wait until their vehicle is “screaming” at them–noisy brakes, check engine light, steam under the hood, etc.–to get service attention. Other owners bring their vehicle to a repair shop on a consistent basis but they can’t trust the services they receive. Harry’s Auto Repair in Pleasanton, CA performs a variety of quality maintenance services at the 60K mile marker. After the importance of your vehicle’s twice-a-year oil change schedule is the 60K Mile Maintenance Service. The 60K Mile Service performs many of the maintenance services that should have been performed at the 30K Mile mark. Our 60K Mile Maintenance Service will replace, refill, adjust, and inspect any vehicle components that need attention. We can replace oil and air filters, inspect braking systems, exchange transmission fluids, replace timing belts, rotate tires and more.

Replace Oil & Air Filters

Our ASE Certified technicians adhere to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. At 60,000 miles, there are a lot of general maintenance services that should be performed for any vehicle. Your vehicle’s specific service requirements will also depend on its age, driving purposes, and your driving habits. The most important maintenance services to be performed at the 60K mark are the ones that replace old or failing components. We’ll be able to provide thorough inspections of your braking system, timing belt, oil filter and more. This is also an excellent opportunity to check all the brake fluids and transmission fluids in your vehicle’s engine. Tire rotations are also a maintenance service that will improve vehicle handling, tire tread, and overall safety. The 60,000 Mile Maintenance is an important service interval for all vehicles. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific maintenance service recommendations for your vehicle.

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Our highly qualified service team is ready to put you back in the fast lane with exceptional services. The 60,000 mile mark is vital to your vehicle’s overall performance and longevity. Harry’s Auto Repair provides preventative maintenance and corrective services for all makes and models. Whatever car, truck, or SUV model you are driving, you should bring it to our facility for maintenance services. Responsible owners will make sure our team gives their vehicle a good bill of health, no later than the 60K mile mark. Give us a call today at 925-462-3237 to schedule your 60,000 Mile Maintenance appointment.